Community Login Issues


For some reason, when I click "Send a Message", the community site logs me out, and no longer recognizes my email and username. This was on the COE page where I tried to click the link about the COE leaders forum.

I know the community site was recently updated. Is the messaging currently working? Or is that update still in progress


  • Hi @matthewkuo - thanks for pointing that out! Please try that link again - it should direct you to Mariam's profile, where you can message her about CoE-related topics. Let me know if you're still having trouble.



  • Thanks Ginger,

    Looks like it's working now. Do you know who I can reach out to in support, to delete my duplicate account?



  • SRoberts
    edited January 21

    Hi @matthewkuo! So glad your messaging is working now! I can help you with your duplicate account cleanup. I've sent an email to you gmail.