Period Context selector in dashboard with custom user filter


Hi I have a dashboard with Period dropdown in context selector. I also have custom user filters in the dashboard. The period dropdown shows quarters and Full Year as selectable. The quarter selection is redundant as the grid shows all quarters for a selected year. However I'm told the quarter selection from the dropdown in context selector cannot be unselected due to use of custom filters in the dashboard. That this is a limitation of Anaplan dashboard. Please can you confirm if so, and if there is workaround.


  • Can you please share some snip/screenshots to explain your question. This will help me to provide better solution or suggest work around if any.

  • Erinajoseph
    edited February 2023

    It sounds like you have a dashboard with a period dropdown in the context selector that allows users to select quarters and a full year, and that the grid on the dashboard shows data for all quarters when a year is selected. However, you have also been told that it is not possible to remove the quarter selection from the context selector dropdown due to the use of custom filters in the dashboard, and that this is a limitation of the Anaplan platform.

    I can confirm that Anaplan does have the capability to allow users to filter data using custom filters and context selectors, and there may be limitations to how the filters and selectors can interact with each other. However, without more information about the specific configuration of your dashboard, it is difficult to say whether this is a limitation of the platform or if there is a workaround that can be implemented.

    It is possible that the limitation can be overcome by creating a custom filter that only allows the full year to be selected. This can be done by creating a calculated list with only the full year and using that in the filter. Another option is to use a script to control the behavior of the context selector based on the custom filter selection, this would require knowledge of Anaplan's scripting language, and the Anaplan platform.

    It's worth reaching out to Anaplan support or a Anaplan consultant to get a more accurate answer on the specific case, and if there's a way to overcome this limitation.

  • @sshanbh0 A screenshot or series of screenshots will go a long way here. It would also be good to know if you are using the Classic UI or the New UX.

    @Erinajoseph has brought up some great points, but hard to provide an answer without more information.