Identify selected item when it's a parent


Is there a way to identify what item is selected from a context selector when it's a parent in a hierarchy list? Item() works when the chosen item is the lowest level of the list, but I'm trying to show what's selected if it's at any level in the hierarchy. Thanks!


  • Hi @geoffhartmann,

    You can also create Parent and child line item and a Boolean or Text line item to identify if its Child or Parent.

    For Parent line item make sure the summary is First non blank and for The Boolean or text line item summary should be Formula. Check attached images for reference.


  • I think It depends on the specific implementation of the context selector and the way the hierarchy list is set up. One way to identify the selected item in a context selector when it's a parent in a hierarchy list is to use the parent-child relationship between the items in the list. This can be done by using the unique identifier of the parent item and matching it with the child items in the list. Another way is to create a property in the parent item that indicates it is a parent and use it to identify the selected item. Another way could be using the parent-child relationship of the item in the list and using that to identify the selected item in the context selector.