Show current value for 'Day' timescale


A model I developed had KPI daily values loading from an external data source The challenge I had when working with the day timescale was the size of the time dimension (being days) and finding the 'current' day (most  recent load) To resolve here is what to do:[list=1]

  • Create a list that is the 'load date', update this list each time you load a new dates data with the most  recent date (this keeps the list smaller as you only  create what you need).
  • While updating also update a 'date' property (date format) in the 'load date' list.
  • Create a 'mapping' module with 'Load date' and measures with all 'properties' & 'subsets' you want to  manage for this dimension
  • I created measures for mapping  - Date current (date format), Flag current (boolean), ... but you could add more as you need
  • Formula for Flag Current measure is IF ISNOTBLANK(Date Current) THEN TRUE ELSE FALSE
  • Then create a data load from external source to update the (make sure you tick the box clear items prior to load), the data source needs a date stamp, and this targets the Date Current measure, clearing the old value and applyingthe new date value
  • Go to  'load date' list, connect to an anaplan datasource> module, source from the 'Mapping' module the boolean result targeting a subset for current period (boolean target)..  You now have a list that is not as large as the Day timescale , and a subset for current period, this can be reused throughout the module - dashboards, modules etc If you want to transfer these values to a real timescale (Days), then create a module with days timescale and KPI list, then use a lookup on the date in the Load Date 'KPI with timescale (day)'.Amount[SUM: Load date.Date]  Hope this helps someone out there