Does Anaplan offer integration with Python scripting


Hi Team,

We currently have a science model written in Python that takes input and provide a set of input.

We would like to integrate this with Anaplan. Input to the script will be calculated in Anaplan and passed. Output generated from Python will be loaded back into Anaplan.

Is this that is possible via Anaplan? Is there a case-study or a tutorial that I can watch. Can someone share their hands on experience.


  • Definitely possible! Anaplan provides public API's for integration. There's a good introduction article here:

    Note that this generally assumes familiarity with REST APIs. The details around how exactly you set up your integrations will depend on your specific configuration of Anaplan.

  • So basically we have to use API to communicate data between Anaplan and python. Is this correct?

  • Hey @sagarkpr

    @ryan_kohn is right. All 3rd party applications that have native integration with Anaplan, such as Tableau, Informatica, and Mulesoft, for example use the Anaplan APIs. There might be one exception however, something I've been meaning to try for a long time. It might be possible to raise an event within Anaplan by using the notification feature (email). You'll still have to use the APIs to get data into Anaplan though.

  • Nice elaboration, Jared!

    @sagarkpr If you're interested in comparing different integration options, you can check out the Data Integration Decision App.

  • Hi @sagarkpr,

    I've written my own unofficial connector some time ago (I plan to enhance it in the future, but it should already have everything you need), you can find the source code and documentation here:

    You can install it just using pip, so "python -m pip install apapi". If you need any help, let me know.

  • Thanks @M.Kierepka , I will definitely check this out and pass along to my integration team.