Model Building Level 1. lesson 9.2.5 updating unit cost % to 5% not able to do

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I am following lesson 9.2.5 - activity where I am asked to update the Unit cost % to 5% in Rev 04 module. I am trying to update the % from 0% to 5% and am not able to update the cell. how should i update the percentage value? Is it not to be from grid view?


  • given below is the screenshot

  • You are correct that you should be able to update the %s in this REV04 grid view, but you're also correct that you can't right now. Numbers that are editable would be blue. Remember that cells populated by a formula or an aggregation are not editable numbers. For example, annual totals are not editable because they are created by aggregating the monthly inputs. But in this module, you shouldn't have any aggregations or formulas because it is designed for inputs at the annual, Product Family and Country level.

    In your screenshot, there is a subsidiary view icon showing at the right edge of the row headers (looks like a tiny spreadsheet). That means that you've set up the line items in this module with different dimensionality than for the overall module - something that we don't want to do in this case. I suggest that you go back to 9.2.1 and revisit the instructions for setting up the module. Make sure that you have followed all the directions correctly for which dimensions to include and that your model exactly matches the screenshot found in the Check Your Work section.

  • Thank you.. I was able resolve this issue ..

  • How did you resolve? I am facing the same issue. @mrvenkata