Cannot select a model that another user has created on pages


Hi all,

I am still relatively new to Anaplan but I was hoping you might be able to answer why I cannot select a model that another user has created when I go to My pages -> Create page -> Board.

I am able to name the page and select a workspace but it seems that I can only select models that I have built on a training workspace. I am unable to select models to build pages from the other workspaces that were built by other users.

Is this a bug? I have Workspace administrator access on the other models that I cannot build a page for.

Many thanks in advance,


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  • louis8965
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    Hi Isutton,

    Thanks for the response.

    I checked and I am setup on the user screen with the same access as the other Workspace Admins (Full Access model role and ticked for WSA).

    I have found the solution though I went to Apps --> Manage My Pages. On the far right there is a button to enable pages and this was turned off for the model I wanted to create a page for.


  • Could it be that your Model Role on the Users tab has been changed to No Access? Can you access the model if you go to it directly?

    If not, try asking another Workspace Admin to change your Model Role to Full Access, or an appropriate role, and see if that helps.