Is there a way to consolidate and share comments made on a UX page?

edited January 2023 in User Experience

We have created a UX page in an App with multiple cards. Within the UX page the end user can filter by organization, fund type and date. They are then required to comment on specific variances. Those comments can get scattered throughout various orgs, dates and funds.

Is there a way to organize/roll-up these pages and comments for a higher level executive review?



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  • ryan_kohn
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    Are they adding comments via native UX commenting, or as text into line items?

    If the former, there is no way as of today to show all comments across all contexts. There is an open idea that sort of includes this, but you can post a new Idea if that one doesn't quite capture it.

    If the latter, then it will depend on how you've built your model.

  • kberger1
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    Sorry, we missed your reply and didn't let you know sooner. We have done this as text into line items. The user puts comments into the line items on the UX page. We are thinking we can pull this into a report by referencing the module in the model. Please let us know if you have any advice. - Thank you very much for replying.