How to apply Conditional Formatting on multiple line items using one rule

edited January 2023 in Best Practices

I found this cool hack to apply similar conditional formatting to multiple line items by using just one rule! 

Generally, we need to make a line item for each conditional formatting or add one rule each line item which gets very tedious when there are more than 20, 30 of them. 

Here’s a simple yet effective hack to make this easier 

Problem: Apply conditional formatting to indicate all the expenses that are going above Rs.10,000 for example. 

Solution: Make a line item subset of all the expenses that you want to apply CF on and create a new module using this LIS. Now you can bring the values using collect function and then apply a single conditional formatting rule on this value! 

Note: This hack is applicable only when all the line items have the same criteria for conditional formatting and the values are number formatted because collect function works only on numbers.