Display ad Filter on Gantt chart

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I am trying to create a gantt chart to track the progress on the staffing of position within a workforce planning model.

I have create a module with a start and an end date. The module only has Position dimension.

Issue #1 (picture 1):

The graph does not display well. We can see yeas and number 1 to 9 (which I have no idea why it stops at 9.

Issue #2 (picture 2 - dashboard view & 3 - module view): When I try to apply a filter to the position list (I've tried both with and without user dimension filter), tha gantt chart shows an error and does not display anymore.

Any idea where those 2 issues come from ?



  • Can you paste a screenshot of the grid configuration you are using for your chart card? The format required in the grid is very specific.

    Valid column structures are:

    • Start Date, End Date
    • Start Date, End Date, Milestone Date
    • Start Date, End Date, Milestone Date, Bar Conditional Formatting
    • Start Date, End Date, Milestone Date, Bar Conditional Formatting, Milestone Conditional Formatting

    You can't mix/match field or field order, or have extra columns.