Accidentally changed Switchover date to 2023 when it was meant to be 2022, what can I do?


As the title reads, someone in our org changed the switchover date incorrectly and we lost an entire year's budget, is there a way we can revert this and salvage all of our information?

Thankfully we have an archived model but we have tons of connections written to this model and want to continue working in the one that is now incorrect, is there a way to get the info from the archived model into the model everyone uses?


Thanks in advance!


  • Stacey_Gibbens
    edited January 2023

    Hello @CamdenMaggos

    Have you considered rolling back the model to the point just before the switchover date was changed? You'll lose any work done after the switchover happened, but that seems kind of minor compared to the issue you've described...

    Steps to accomplish this:

    1. Take an archive copy! (ALWAYS take an archive copy before doing something big like changing switchover date. It will save your a** someday...)
    2. Review history to see what the proper restore point is.
    3. Export history to capture who made what changes to the model since the switchover was changed (so you can tell anyone who would need to re-enter some data)
    4. Restore to the model to the desired state just BEFORE the change occurred.

    Best wishes...

    Stacey Gibbens

  • @Stacey_Gibbens we do have an archived model before the change was made - what can we do with this?

  • @CamdenMaggos

    You indicated using the archived model as your replacement (archive current Prod, unarchive the archived model and use as Prod) was not preferred. Doing imports from your archived model back into the current prod model is definitely an option, but will be a lot more effort than restoring. If your Prod model is deployed then you'd need to either take it out of deployed mode to create actions to import the data OR you'd need to create the actions in Dev, ALM to Prod, and then run the actions. Either way, you're looking at a lot of time spent on recovering data that would be available with a restore.

    Is there a reason why you would not restore? I know it may sound scary, but restoring works. If you're concerned, try taking a copy of your archived model (keep the original!), making the same change to the switchover date and then restoring to the original history ID to see how it works.

    Best wishes,

    Stacey Gibbens

  • @CamdenMaggos - because switchover is production and provided there haven't been any further syncs then this will work. Just might take a bit of time.

    But as @Stacey_Gibbens says do this on a back-up of the the back-up and you'll see it's all fine.

    Oh and don't forget to remove your other post on this too.

  • And make sure that workspace admins on prod models is the right set of people. That way these things are minimised... and I bet this will never happen again.