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Hey All,

One of our cards in the NUX will now allow copy/paste or copy across/down. The model is deployed, and that particular line item has a dependent list format. The odd part is this works find in the dev version both with and without dependency in the list format.

My only guess is that it's a numbered list, and we're copy/pasting the display name instead of the member key causing the issue but that doesn't feel right.

I'm at a loss, happy to answer any questions, provide screen shots, etc to help solve. No errors are displayed, the target cells simply do not update when trying to paste or copy across.


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  • ryan_kohn

    As a workaround for this issue, you can adjust your item display names to be unique. For example, you can concatenate the name of the parent item to the end of the item name. It is best to do this in a set of System modules.

    In the example below, our list hierarchy is set up with Marketing Vendors as the parent of Marketing Packages:

    In the first System module, we configure the suffix format at the parent level. This allows us to perform the minimum number of text joins that we need, which is line with Planual Rule.

    In the second System module, we configure our Marketing Package attributes and concatenate the unique suffix with the desired display name.

    Finally, we set up our Display Name property in the numbered list to pull the value from the System module.

    This yields a unique display name per item.

    Once we have the unique display name, the Copy/Paste works as expected.

    If you have any downstream systems that might need the original display name, you still have it available in your System module to include in downstream reports.


  • Is your model newly deployed? You should double check that the relevant lists are actually populated with list items. Lists that are marked as Production Data have a distinct set of line items from your DEV model, so you'll want to make sure those values look correct. Since you are using dependent drop-downs, also make sure that the items in the dependent lists are mapped correctly in your deployed model.

    The numbered list point could be relevant as well, as the backend IDs will differ between DEV and PROD, so if you are copying from one to the other, it wouldn't be expected to work properly.

  • @ryan_kohn Thanks for the reply Ryan! I've answered each of your 3 points below:

    1: This is a newly deployed model (3-4 months), we implemented ALM by copying the production model into a new Dev. model, switched to NUX, and drastically altered the model structure in Oct/Nov.

    2: List members & dependent filter mapping in the production list are correct. Everything works perfectly in the module directly as well as a classic dashboard.

    3: I did make a point to ensure I was not copy/pasting across models to avoid issue with the mismatched list member keys.

    We can copy/paste across in the module directly, as well as a classic dashboard. It only fails in the NUX. Any help with this issue is much appreciated as I cannot find any documentation that offers an explanation or solution.

  • You mentioned in your original post that "this works fine in the dev version". Are you referring to the dev version of the UX app, or a classic dashboard? How do you have ALM set up in regards to the UX?

  • Do you have any screenshots? I just set up an example of dependent drop downs in the UX and am I able to copy down and copy/paste values.

    I can copy down in either Value 1 or Value 2, or copy from Value 1 to Value 1 or Value 2 to Value 2. Of course, I cannot copy across or copy/paste Value 1 to Value 2 as the line items are different formats.

  • I assume you are able to manually enter data? Just want to rule out any DCA/Selective Access/or having disabled user input on the card.

  • @ryan_kohn

    For dev vs production UX, the classic dashboard & NUX exist for both models. In Dev, I can copy/paste in the module, classic dashboard, and NUX. In Prod, I can only copy/paste in the module and classic dashboard.

    I'm testing as a 'Full Access' user, and these line items have no DCA or Selective Access. The only access control being used is the dependent filter. Interestingly, as I dig deeper, I'm discovering that the copy/paste is failing for most list members but not all. Copy/Paste does work for about half the list members consistently across locations, leading me to believe there is some setting somewhere I'm missing that only impacts half the list members.



    NUX Grid:

    Classic Dashboard :

    Dependent Filter:

  • A couple brainstorming ideas for testing scenarios:

    • Try copying the value, and then paste the result into a plain text editor like Notepad. You would be able to see the value that you would be trying to copy into the cell in Anaplan. Maybe that would help reveal something around permissions.
    • Try copying the value from the UX page and pasting into the classic module.
    • Try copying the value from the classic module and pasting into the UX page.

    I'm still not able to replicate on my end. You may want to reach out to Anaplan Support on this one.

  • I just say that In NUX, to copy and paste data you can use keyboard shortcuts like "Ctrl + C" to copy and "Ctrl + V" to paste. To copy across or down, select the cells you want to copy, right-click and choose "Copy". Then, right-click on the target cells and choose "Paste". You can also use the "Ctrl + D" keyboard shortcut to copy down.

  • @ryan_kohn

    1: Copied the display name, not member key or any other value.

    2/3: Able to copy from module/dashboard to NUX once, but cannot copy from NUX to module/dashboard.

  • I was able to meet with @DavidHunter and determine the underlying issue here.

    What we discovered is that when a numbered list item shares the same Display Name with another item in the same list, it is not possible to paste that item into the list.

    Here is an example of the list configuration:

    The issue occurs regardless of whether Dependent Dropdowns are configured, and regardless of if there is a Code set on the list items.

    In the UX, this impacts both Paste and Copy Across/Down, and no error message is given.

    In a Classic Dashboard, this impacts Paste, but Copy Across/Down still works. When pasting into a single cell, you will be instead prompted to select the value from the dropdown. When pasting into multiple cells, you can see the error message more clearly:

    I recommend this issue be submitted to Anaplan Support for review.