Have a Budgeting scenario to streamline client's process - Recommendations on multiple models?


Is it recommended to have multiple models where aim is almost similar throughout for all regions but the way of calculations are different for each cost center.


  • Hi @snigdhakapila

    Well it sort of depends on your client. If they are new to Anaplan Platform, you wouldn't want to complicate things for them by introducing multiple models. Also, data integration would be another issue if you create individual models for each cost center. What if number of cost centers increases. Number of ALM's you'll have to perform will complicate things for you. Maintaining hierarchies common across all models would be another issue and also maintaining Master Data.

    I would suggest to create one model and use Line Item Subsets/List Subsets if you feel for some cost centers your calculations can match.

    P.S :- I am hoping that you are actually asking about multiple models and not multiple modules.



  • Thanks Megha :)

    Even I was thinking about creating a Data Hub to maintain Major list and data sets and use one single spokes model for now.

    If required we can create other models later, also was not thinking about Cost Center but the Types of Calculations like Revenue, Payroll/workforce etc.(but that is for a later stage)

    Thanks a lot!