Bringing prior year loss into current year income calculation

edited February 2023 in Modeling

I have a requirement to include the net loss of a product in the next year income calculation, but only if it is a loss. I keep running into circular references. Any suggestions?

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4

Revenue 100 120 140 160

Expense -150 -90 -80 -100

Prior Year Loss 0 -50 -20 0

Total -50 -20 40 60


  • @Jpowell

    Are you using a Custom Time (at the year level)? If so, try using Anaplan's Native Time functionality at the year level and use the previous() function.

  • Hey Rob,

    I am using the native time and trying an If statement with a lag. The issue is Anaplan throws a circular reference error when trying the bring the prior year total into the current year calc of the total.

  • @Jpowell

    Something like this?