Need to set a particular list item as default in Dashboard, other than ALL


Hello Everyone,

I have Flat List by name: ABC, This list i have selected in a Module:1. This Module1 i have published on classic DB.

The list contains list items 1,2,3 and ALL.

Requirement: I want to set 1 as default list item on DB, whenever any user opens this DB they should see the default as 1 as the list item. But in present scenario whenever any user opens the DB they can see the list item which was selected by last user and not 1.

Let me know if there is any workaround


  • Hello ibg1989, have you tried doing this in the dashboard?

    Also, try to remove synchronizations if any that is related to the list you are using.

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  • Hello @ramonito,

    Thanks for your reply; Let me reframe the requirement

    In the below shown list, I want to see the first list item highlighted in yellow(Not Started?) as default while opening the dashboard.

    Please refer below image

    I have referred that module in dashboard with List as "Tenure".

    In this Module the List item should show default as "Not Started?"

    Whenever the User opens the dashboard named "1.Target Review".

    But presently the dashboard shows the user last selected List item and not the default list item as "Not Started?.

  • AjayM
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    Without an additional click, we can't reset a lineitem selection.

    As you know, resetting the selection to first or any other list item would impact underlying calculations everytime, even if it were possible. I am interested to know the purpose of this requirement.

    A small workaround that involves additional click but comes with a benefit of identifying the previous selected tenure item until it's overwritten:

    1. Define a lineitem in SYS module where you identify first item or desired default item from the Tenure list
    2. In the 'Tenure TEST' module, create one boolean lineitem ('Overwrite') & one tenure selection lineitem for user and one final lineitem
    3. Final line item formula shall retrieve desired default item from step1, if boolean lineitem is OFF
    4. Create an action to reset 'Overwrite' lineitem in step2 to FALSE and publish this action on the dashboard ('Data Write' action could replace this in NUX)
    5. User will have to click this reset button everytime the dashboard is opened
    6. User will have to enable 'Overwrite' lineitem and change the tenure, in case needed
    7. Steps 4 and 5 can be skipped if we ask user to uncheck overwrite boolean everytime the dashboard is opened


  • To set a particular list item as default in Dashboard:

    Open the Dashboard settings and find the list that you want to set as default.

    Select the item that you want to set as default.

    Save the changes to the settings.

    Refresh the Dashboard page to see the changes.

    Try this steps if this will not work then the exact steps may vary depending on the platform or tool you are using for your Dashboard.