How to Move From Custom Time Amortization list to Line item with Time Range Mapping

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Hi All,

Can any one Help me to copy data from line item 1 to line item 2. Format for the both line item is number only.

Dimensions : Line item 1 - Product list, Amortization Month list,

Line item 2 - Product List, Time.

Issue : I created a module, where I have a mapping between amortization month(used as module dimension) and Anaplan Time. In My target Module where I want data in line item 2 coming from line item 1,so basically moving data from time to amortization month list using the mapping module line item time swap months as LOOKUP or SUM then I am getting below error.

Data Flow - Month 1(Amortization List) to Jan 23(Anaplan Time)

Month 2(Amortization List) to Feb 23(Anaplan Time)

So how can I transfer data from Non-time dimension to Time Dimension using a mapping ?

Please help !!



    Here you are trying aggregate(one to one) and not lookup. So SUM should work here, can you show me the source, target and mapping modules Blue prints?