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Hi Anaplan Community

Please see email attachment with all details for my question relating to.

I have an “Account Major Properties” module with a line item of “B/S Line Item” where I want to populate the valid Balance Sheet line name, from the list “Balance Sheet Lines – NEW”, based on the Account Major (e.g. GL Account) contained in Line Item “Account Code”.

This line item is formatted with a list called “Balance Sheet Lines – NEW

I also have a module called “Mapping: B/S Mapping” where I could pick up the B/S Line Item name based on the B/S Account Major line item.

My question is, what formula should I write in the line item “B/S Line Item” within the “Account Major Properties” module, to return the required Balance Sheet description (e.g. Bank, Petty Cash etc).



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  • skarki
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    hi @gcaldis

    I have a question: Is b/s account major line item in mapping: b/s mapping module same as account code line item in account major properties?


  • gcaldis
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    Hi Skarki

    Apologies, I accidently marked this thread as "Answered" when it is not yet.

    To answer your question, yes, the "B/S Account Major" line item in the mapping: b/s mapping module is definitely the same as the "Account Code" line item in the account major properties module.



  • if they both are same , you could go B/S Line Item” within the “Account Major Properties” module and try below formula

    ‘Mapping: b/s mapping’. ‘B/s line item’[firstnonblank: B/s account mapping] formula 

    (Assumption b/s account mapping line item is formatted same as list applies to account major properties)

  • Hi Skarki

    Unforrtunately the formula does not work. How the formula "firstnonblank" is supposed to achieve this?

    See latest attachment summarising the requirement again.

    In simple terms, we essentially need an EXCEL VLOOKUP type of reference to the Account Major Code, to bring back the related B/S Line Item description (e.g. Petty Cash, Bank, Goodwill etc).