Create a list out of on data inputs


Hello Community,

I am quite new to ANAPLAN so a bit lost sometimes and not all knowledgeable yet!

I have created a simple list of numbers (#1, #2, #3…) to allow our users to input data into a table (inputs module), in different fields.

After the data is in, a line item picks up a final description with a concatenation and I would need all the results of this line item to become a new list that I then use in another “calculation” module. Is that possible?

If not, the calculation module takes again the initial list of numbers but it’s meaningless without the text previously entered in the input module.

I hope my question reflects clearly what I am trying to do…

Thanks in advance for the help!



  • Do you have any example so that it would help to understand problem concisely. based on what you describe it is possible.

    1. once line item picks of description , you can create view
    2. create import action to load from view into list
    3. and use list in calculation module


  • Hi Sharki,

    Thank you for offering your help!

    So I have a list of simple numbers (#1, #2, #3, etc) which is used in a CAPEX input module.

    In that module (which also applies to cost centres), I created several line items allowing the users to do the following for each list number:

    • choose a category
    • give a succinct written description
    • enter the capex amount, dates of cashflows, etc.

    Then another line item picks up category & description into a concatenation. And that is what I want to eventually become a new list for the next calculation module.

    But one cost centre will have data from number #1 to #15 while another may have only one entry.

    Does that help understand what I want to do?

    I don't know what a create import action is...

    Let me know if what I have in mind is feasible, thank you!


  • Thanks for more detail explanation. As you mentioned one cost center can have multiple list numbers in CAPEX module, cost center can be considered as parent, right? Does your new list will also have cost center as parent?

    yes it is possible to move line item data into new list through action.

  • Hi, yes ideally the new list can depend on cost centre as parent.