Model Optimization : List Sort Order


Hello everyone,

Is there any further documentation to read regarding optimizing the model. We saw this in the checklist.

Does this mean we have to Sort the List? If yes, via what property of the list (Code, Display Name or Numbered List arrangement)

Thank you very much.

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  • It refers to the ordering of lists in an "Applies To" field, where the same set of lists occur in a model they should use a consistent ordering for optimal performance

  • Hi @ramonito,

    further to Ben explanation. you can click on 3 dots of "applies to" and click okay, system will reorder the lists as per your list order in your general list. This will streamline the flow of data as per the architecture.

    Why this is needed to reorder again, While create the modules we might not select the lists as per the order of general lists.



  • Hi @ramonito ,

    In the optimization process when we talk about the "Sort the List" , it indicates the dimensions used in a module.

    In the above screenshot you could see 2 lists are been applied to this module. Next thing we need to figure out whether the list is in the same order or not in our general list section. If it is not in the same order then we need to reorder it to get more optimized result.

    And for reordering @ManjunathKN has provided the correct way how to do it.

    Hope this helps!