Editable images


Within our company we have around 30 models and 10 apps (new UX) in order to create a readable overview for the end users I would like to use icons (via images in the new ux). Want I want to install on top is that if you click on the images an app or anaplan model will open. Is it possible to make an image editable

Thx in advance



  • Hi @DIRKB

    For now you can just make image click open a page in your app in which the image exists.

    You have option to Link to a page in Image card that you can use.



  • @DIRKB

    As @megha09 rightly said, there is no way, currently, you can move out of app to the model or any other system via images. You can only move from one page to another with the help of images that contain links.

    Hope that helps


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