How can I Filter out certain Time Periods in my Time Filter?



I'm trying to include the following time periods - Month, Quarter, and Year totals while excluding Half Year.

Because of other use cases I cannot remove Half Year from the time scale.

Has anyone encountered this before and how did you solution it? Thanks!

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  • Arnab116
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    HI @JR1010 ,

    From your requirement I could get that you need Month, Quarter, and Year totals and also the  Half Year Total in some use case.

    First of all no need to exclude Half Year from Time Scale.

    1. Create a Time System Module at Month Level.
    2. Create a Line Item - Boolean Formatted("Half Yearly Only") and set it to true.
    3. Change the Time scale to Half Year.(This can be used to filter out only Half Yealy Totals)
    4. Create a another Line item - Boolean Formatted ("Exclude Half Yearly ") and set the Formula to NOT "Half Yearly Only"
    5. Change the Summary to Formula.
    6. Use this Line Item "Exclude Half Yearly ") to filter out all the periods like month, quarter and Year Totals in a module at month level and will help you exclude Half Yearly Total where you don't need it.

    Hope this helps!