No data in Confirmed Purchase Order Receipt


Hello all, I'm really struggling with 3.3.6 testing the shipping cost formulas. No matter what I do I can't get the data in Confirmed Purchase Order Receipt to show a value. Even before switching it over to the POST function, no data comes up. Is this something to do with DCAs? Please see my attached screenshots and let me know if you see an issue!

Thank you all so much!


  • Hi @JillianKelli ,

    If You dig to your formula for Confirmed Purchase Order Receipt, you are offsetting when "Confirmed PO Delivery <> 0" and offsetting by "Final Shipping Time weeks" which is currently 2(Week 2 FY20). That means you are trying to offsetting Final shipping Amount of "Week 2 FY 20 - 2" i.e before Week 1 which will always give you 0.

    You can observe the result/number when you will change the Override method for Week 2 FY20 to "Air" as it will offset "Week 2 FY 20 - 1" that is the value of Week 1 and you will be getting what I am trying to say.

    To resolve this issue try using Post which not only just offsets the current data but also adds up.

    Hope it helps!