Create Shipping Export Module and Create a Saved View - Half Year Values

Hello everyone, I'm hoping you can help me with a question. I am trying to create a new view for the export shipping model for the Conclusion module of level 3 but for some reason it keeps showing me half year values making my import to the FP&A model not work. Please see attached. Can you help me so I'm only seeing the month values? I've gone back and nothing is set to read half-year so I'm really confused. I tried to turn off the summary and it still is not working. Please advise.


  • Hi @JillianKelli ,

    There are 2 ways to get rid of this Half Yearly Total :

    1. If you don't want this Half yearly in any of your module then you can go to Time setting of the model and turn off/uncheck the Half Yearly Total.(There might be risk of loosing data in this method)
    2. If you want the the Half yearly Total in some of the modules then let the time setting as it is and you can filter the months only.
      1. Create a Time system module at month level
      2. Create a Boolean line item(Month Filter) and set it true
      3. You can use this line item(Month Filter) as a filter in you current modules which will show you only months data. Create the saved view with this filter and try the exports.

    Hope this helps!