Calculating line item based on diffferent values in the list


Hi Anaplanners,

I have a module dimensioned with 2 lists, loc1 and sample. Sample has two line items Sample 1 and Sample 2.

There is a line item called Transportation.

I want to add another

line item called Transportation Sample1 vs Transportation Sample2 which should be Transportation for Sample 1 - Transportation for Sample 2.

I have attached the screenprints for it. Please let me know how it can be achieved.


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  • megha09
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    Hi @shubhamrawat

    You can create two line items Sample 1 and Sample 2 that applies to sample. Select Sample 1 for Sample 1 line Item and Sample 2 for Sample 2 Line item.

    Transportation (Sample 1 vs Sample 2) would be lookup of these two line items with Transportation. Attaching Screenshots for reference