Clubbing multiple excel exports


Hello All,

We have a requirement from user where they want to club multiple excel exports from Anaplan as a single file (meaning each sheet in excel having the respective export from Anaplan). Is this possible? IF yes, can you suggest how to proceed.

Report 1 -> Sheet1 of excel

Report 2 -> Sheet2 of (of same excel)..and so on...


  • Hi Harshitha,

    I came across similar requirement but no, it is not possible to club reports into a single excel file from within Anaplan. As we know, each export action generates a file for itself and there is no work around to club these reports into multiple worksheets within same excel file.

    Joining you, keen to know if there is any workaround to achieve this, from other community experts.


  • Hi

    One question would be - why the requirement? If it's to use the data for packs, etc have you looked at Management Reporting to cover off the ask?

    But have you considered the use of the excel add-in or O365 app which would allow users to have multiple tabs that are refreshed from the model.


  • Hello Andrew,

    Thank you for the reply! The model that we are using is currently a stand alone system and not be integrated with any other tool. I am not sure on how to incorporate the excel add-in here.

    It would be great if you can guide us on this.

    Thank you,

    Harshitha N.