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Hi @EricS

Used to be able to subscribe to the Product section of community and so would get the "releases .. sneak peaks" email amongst other things.

Can't seem to see a way to be able to do that anymore - is that coming or have I missed a sneaky drop-down?


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  • EricS
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    Sure, it certainly makes sense to simply have a 'subscription option' on the product page. However, unfortunately the function is not available from the platform that hosts that site. That will certainly change, but as a stop-gap measure we're using the "platform updates" as a means for folks to receive notifications. Let me know how you feel about this - I know it's not optimal, but let me know if it provides the necessary notifications you're expecting.

    Thank you again and have a terrific day!



  • Hey Andrew, thank you for asking! This was more visible until a few weeks ago, but you can go here: and you'll see a number of "threads" you can subscribe to; or you can subscribe to the entire "platform updates" by click on the "bell icon." As new updates are posted (the most notable is the subprocessors, which gets updated every few weeks), you'll receive a notification when the thread receives an update. Likewise, if you click the bell icon, any thread that is updated on that page will send-off a notification to you. I hope that helps, if not, please let me know!

    Have a great day,


  • Thanks but what about the items that are here?

  • Hi @EricS - think that as long as there's visibility of something new from the Product page on that page then all will be good. Especially the "new in the month, new next month" post or i just remember to look on Product every couple of weeks. 😀