Switchover and FY year settings


Is there a workaround on:

1 Updating Switchover period from the NUX App

2 Is there a workaround on updating the Current Fiscal Year of the Time Settings from the NUX.

Please your reply will be really helpful.

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  • AjayM
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    Hi @innocent ,

    1. Workaround to update switchover period - yes, I tried and shared below, hope this helps.
    2. Workaround to update current fiscal year - unfortunately, no

    Update Switchover Period:

    Assuming my current switchover month is Sep 20:

    I created a SYS module to identify current and next switchover month:

    Please note that my 'Switchover Period' lineitem's formula scope is only 'Current Version'

    I created another module 'Import Switchover', which I published on UX page, and also used it to update switchover month through an action. Please note that the formula scope for both these lineitems is 'Current Version' only

    From Versions tab/list, create an import action to import 'Next Switchover Month' from 'Import Switchover' module.

    Note: I recommend careful consideration of user access to this import action. You might not want every enduser to be able to update switchover period, considering the importance and implications of changing it.

    Finally, publish the 'Import Switchover' module and action on UX page



  • Thank you very much this is really helpful also clear and precise 🙂.

  • Hi a quick question just for clarity, when I have multiple versions like this one above, do I set the formula scope to current version for all the different versions even when I have the 2021 12 0v2 ticked as the current version like the example below

  • Formula scope is a setting that is set to 'current version' for the lineitems in the module, because you don't want to apply switchover to any other version, but just for the current version (in your example, it is 2021 12 0v2, for which the switchover has to be updated)

    So whenever you change your current version in "Versions" list, this formula scope setting will take care to apply updated switchover only to that current version, but not to the other versions.

  • Thank you very much @AjayM this is very helpful.