Bolean condition based on Season


Hello everyone, i've been recently struggling with a dev.

I have a list in my model called Season (I work in the retail industry).

This season list is composed of items that are like this : 23SS, 23FW,... that correspond to the seasonality of the product (for instance : 23SS stands for spring/summer 2023, 23FW stands for fall/winter 2023 and so on).

I have to work on a condition that should do the follow, if i tick a product for a Season then it should be ticked as well for the following Season (in my case here i've ticked 23FW, so the 24SS should be ticked too), any ideas ?

Thank you very much

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  • AjayM
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    Hi @HugoVolpi ,

    Hope this solution meets your requirement. Please note that my assumption here is, that the Season list always contains continuous set of SS & FW items for the subsequent year.