Wrong date when doing an import

edited February 2023 in Modeling

Hi everyone,

I am importing data into a module which gives me the employment date of a list of employees (among other info).

The module doesn't use time as a dimension.

The import goes perfectly well, it doesn't mention any error. But then some of the dates are wrong. So I tried to copy these directly from Excel (simple copy paste) and there it tells me that 88 entries are invalid dates (out of 243).

However all the date cells in the original excel file have the same format so I don't see why some dates are invalid and some are valid. I also don't understand why the import doesn't tell me there is an issue with dates, and why Anaplan just decides to create random dates for these 88 cells that apparently have an issue.

Help help help, please, it drives me crazy!

And I need the import to work...

Thanks in avance for your help!