NUX, Subsets, and Context Filters



I've got another unusual NUX issue I need some help with. I've tried to include relevant snips below, but as always happy to answer any questions and provide more info as needed! It has not been an issue until now, so we suspect recent Anaplan updates are the cause but have no way to verify beyond it being a new issue. This app has been in use for over 1 year as part of a monthly process, and the specific circumstances are common.

There's 3 location context filters on 1 page. Here are the lists the context filters are from:

1: L4a Employee- child of L3 Property

2: L3 Property_First Phase - subset of L3 Property (used for location roll-ups/phased propertes)

3: ss.Transfer - subset of L4b Lease Events, which is a child of L3 Property.

For the lists, selective access is being used for L3 and above:

All context filters are set to Sync on selection, with only #2 (L3 Property_First Phase) visible to users. This sync breaks when there are no members of ss.Transfer that belong to the selected location.

In the snip below, location 'Test 1' has been selected, however no list members that are children of 'Test 1' are part of ss.Transfer:

When looking at the NUX page, the grid driven by our ss.Transfers context filter defaults to the 1st location available to that users filters, Test 2 in this instance. Context filters are color coded as follows: 1: L4a Employee = Yellow; 2: L3 Property_First Phase = Green; 3: ss.Transfer = Blue.

Any advice on how to get these context filters to play nice? We've not had this issue before now.



  • bump?

  • @Bobbie88J Thanks for the reply Bobbie! I realized I am using the wrong terminology. By Context filter I mean Context Selector.

    It looks like you tried to provide a link? I'm not sure I understand your reply, do you mind rephrasing? Maybe that link will help?

  • Can you elaborate on what you would expect to happen in this case?

  • Hey @ryan_kohn !

    The desired result is to have that lowest grid using ss.transfers as blank. My only solution is to add a dummy list member under each location that is a part of the subset, but filter it out another way within the saved view.