Is it possible to recreate the graph in the picture on a report?


Hi, I would like to try to recreate this graph (attached) on an Anaplan report, is it possible?

Thanks to whoever can help me

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  • nordnick
    edited February 2023 Answer ✓

    Hi @Fedegri,

    Unfortunately, there's no graph that will work out exactly the same but you can use other methods to convey the same message visually. For example, you can use color formatting in the grid card or a KPI card with color formatting. Personally, I would opt for the first option as it allows for user to quickly analyze more information, while KPI card will only allow to see one item.

    Here's the formula for 'Color-code':

    I used default colors for color formatting but you can use any RGB color using a HEX code to make the text more visible.

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