Does reseting the index limit affects the list or list items in any way ?

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I have came across a issue in which because of exceed in index limit the import is failing.So I looked into the Anapedia for this concern and got to know that I can reset the index of list if the following conditions are fulfilled :-

  1. If your list is empty and the Next item index is between 899,999,999 and 999,999,999, you can reset the list index to 1.
  2. If your model is in deployed mode, you can only reset the list index if the list is a production list.

I am fulfilling all the above criteria. So it is safe to assume that I can go ahead and reset the index number for the flat list. But I wanted to know that whether there will be any effect on list or any other thing i should cross check and be aware about it ?

Please help.

I have attached the snap of configure mode of my flat list


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  • rob_marshall


    You can reset the list index only when the list is empty. In order to get the indices up this high, you most likely have a delete all of the list where it is wiped clean before the next load. So, before the process to load data is run, simply run the action deleting the list members, and then click the Reset button above which will reset the index. Then, when the process is run, it will not have to delete all members in the list as you will have already done it.

    And, even though you did not ask, but this is one of the reasons why wiping and reloading a list is frowned upon. Lastly, in a perfect world, I would look into specifying a code for the list and removing Time and/or transactional data from the code/list properties so the wiping and reloading of the list on every data load can be removed.