Filter - Current User Selection Not available in NUX pages


Hello all,

We are currently facing an issue with the filter on page selectors in NUX. Earlier we had this option but now it got disabled.

We have version list as a selector in a NUX board page. As it is has lot of members in it, we have given the user the flexibility to reduce the no of drop down items by selecting Version type(Ex, Budget) and version year (Ex, FY 22) (Both are attributes of the version list). So, we have created a selection module with users and 2 line items formatted as version type and year. And we added the logic to the filter line item in a module dimensioned by Version and Users. Now in the NUX page we published the selection module by having users as page selector. And we tried applying the filter to the version list and earlier it worked fine as we were able to select the user list content as 'current user'. But now when we try to do the same, it is not available. Is this something other customers are also facing? Any help would be appreciated!



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