Is there way to force users to enter correct value

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Is there way to force users to enter correct value

I have a form that accept users to enter a new value, I want to make sure users can only enter number that is greater than the old value. Is there a way to build this,.

I saw the article about error validations but those just show what the error are. I want to make sure that users doesnt get to save those values.



  • AjayM
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    Hi @sagarkpr ,

    There are only a defined set of validation rules that form action allows for each format type of entry (ex: mandatory check alone for number/date/list formats). You can't define a new validation rule via form action.

    However, I'd like to know your requirement further. Should the user choose next greater value or any greater value than the older ones? If it's next greater value, you might not even need to add that field in the form action. Using MAX of old values + 1, you can apply the next greater value to new list item that user adds through form. But if it's any greater value than the older ones, you can't enforce it using forms unfortunately.


  • @AjayM My requirement is that user can input any greater value than old one. I have currently create a new field which prints the status (along with the error message)

    I have then wrote an if-else logic to check for errors, to use or not use the new entry and update the message. Also added conditional formatting to show the errors

    Though all this is working fine, its still not an ideal way to do things.

  • Well, if it is any greater value than older values, I would also separate this entry from the form. And display validation and/or discard their invalid input, and consider valid input into a final lineitem.