Can I sync too grids on UX page (That are not part of same hierarchy)

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I have two grids. They are related via a system module but they are not part of a hierarchy.


I have a Country List

and I have a manager list

I have a system module for Manager that has Country as List items.

On my UX page, there is a grid that shows Country along with its detail. Is there a way to filter the manager grid to only shows manager based on what Country is selected in above grid.



  • Hi @sagarkpr ,

    If the lists are not directly linked by a hierarchy, it's not possible to sync one based on the other. Anaplan needs to know which country is 'selected' to filter down the managers - which you can achieve using a lineitem selector (field) for country and a boolean lineitem in SYS manager module to filter managers based on selected country in that lineitem selector.

    The other way of achieving this is irrelevant in your context. But FYI, if you have a module that is dimensioned by both manager and country, you can place country in pages/context and then filter the mangers using a boolean lineitem that identifies valid combinations. You don't need a lineitem selector in this case.


  • @AjayM what is a lineitem selector?

  • It's a list formatted lineitem, which you can publish on page for user to select a country. And based on selected country, you can filter managers (as in, selected country = sys

  • @AjayM I understand the part about Line formatted line item.

    Can you provide additional clarification on how to publish line item on a page for user to select a country. I though for us to make something as page selector, it has to be a dimension.

    Can you share some screenshot or additional details

  • Hi Sagar,

    Please find below additional details that you need:

    1. Add a user dimensioned module ('UX User Selection' in my example) with 'Country' list formatted lineitem (country filter selector)
    2. Add a filter module and a boolean lineitem dimensioned by both users and manager list ('Employee' list in my example)
    3. Define the boolean lineitem formula to connect (1) with country details in SYS manager module
    4. Now you can add a field card on UX, and select (1)
    5. Publish SYS manager module on the page with your desired set of lineitems, but add a filter as defined in (3)
    6. Now user can select a country from the field card and can see only relevant managers in corresponding grid card

    Filter Selection lineitem:

    Filter definition:

    Field card:

    Grid card for SYS Employee details:

    Hope this is clear.