Change week time labels in UX



I have a dashboard that will show line items by week. Everything is working well but I don't like seeing the "W/c" in front of every week. Is there a way I can remove that?

I want to just see the date (1/2/23 | 1/9/23 | 1/16/23 |1/23/23)

Thank you!


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  • R_Goza
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    It looks like the calendar type is probably "Weeks: General" in which case you won't be able to change the way it's displayed. This is assuming you're using native time. If it's fake time then you can change the item names to display however you want.

    You might want to add the ability to change the way native time is displayed in the Idea Exchange.


  • DeepakK
    edited February 2023

    Dang, I was hoping there would be a label toggle somewhere. It's ok. Thanks!

    Yes, it's set to Weeks:General and is native time.

    I'll add to the Idea exchange