Is a live model to model connection still happening?

A few years ago, there was a "live" model to model connection on the Anaplan roadmap. Has there been any update on whether models would speak to each other continuously versus through an import?


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    I have been here for almost 9 years and don't remember that. Not saying it wasn't said, just that I don't remember it. To answer your question, at this time, I don't believe that is on our roadmap.

  • @3226899 I use Cloudworks for model to model integration. It is free, easy to use and smooth.



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  • However, in general, model-to-model connections or interactions can still happen depending on the specific implementation and configuration of the models. For example, if two machine learning models are integrated into a system or pipeline and are designed to communicate with each other to perform a specific task, then a live model-to-model connection may be established.

    In some cases, models may be deployed in a distributed manner across multiple systems or cloud services, and communication between the models may occur over network connections or APIs. In such cases, the latency and stability of the network connection may affect the real-time nature of the interaction between the models.