Is there a way to only show relevant rows in a hierarchy filter?



I have a dashboard that has a hierarchy filter from Cost Centers -> Jobs

(i.e. Cost Center A has 1M in Cost. When I click on it, the Jobs grid card updates to show 10 different jobs that make up that cost. But 2 of those Jobs has $0 cost.)

I don't want those 2 Jobs to show up since they are not relevant to the $1M for Cost Center. It will make the grid smaller and stop unnecessary scrolling.

Appreciate any ideas.


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  • DeepakK
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    @R_Goza I tried that but the issue is that the filter asks for specific week. I have a grid card with 8 weeks of data. I can't have this depend on just 1 week of blank.

    But I solved this by setting up a CUMULATE on the number of Hours Worked(the source metric for cost) and then connecting it to the Periods shown. Then I can use that cumulate line item as the filter in UX.


  • @DeepakK

    Can you apply a filter to the jobs grid card to only display jobs with cost greater than zero?

    Best practice would be to create a filter line item that is Boolean formatted. Logic would be Cost > 0. Filter for TRUE on this filter line item.