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Hello, i want to make a module that is based on a 2 level hierarchical dimension "product". When I click the selector of a Level 1 product I would like to see all the L2 Products that belongs to that Level 1 Product. With that module I'd like to make a pie chart.

Problem: I have made 2 lists: L1 Product and L2 Product. I would have liked to put these 2 lists in a module. The L1 in the Pages box of the module(so that i can make selections) and the L2 in the Rows box of the module(so that each L2 product is shown in a row). System does not allow me to because of the error "2 lists share common ancestors".

Can anybody help me?

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  • ShubhamCh
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    Hi @filipsneyers

    You can do it with one module having L2 Product as dimension. Follow the steps mentioned below:-

    • Create a module with L2 Product dimensions
    • Add a static line item, "Static", formula = 1
    • Create a line item, L1 Product filter, boolean format, formula = Static <> 1, summary = formula. We'll use this filter as page selector filter. (Making an assumption, every L1 Product list item has more than one child)
    • Create a saved view using filter, L1 Product filter is not true. It'll hide all L1 Product list items in your module.
    • When you publish this grid, turn on hierarchy filter. You'll see the page selector on your page.
    • Add the "L1 Product filter" filter to it and it'll show L1 Product list items only.

    I hope it helps. Thanks!


  • filipsneyers
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    Many thanks!!! :)