How to show Column based on the time page filter selection in App page (NUX)


Hi Team - I have an App page where i wanted to display Line item based on the page filter selection. For example if i select Q3 FY23 then i should only see Line items till Q3 as i highlighted in the snip. Whereas if i select Q4 FY23 then i should be able to see line items like FY Q4 and PY Q4.

Please let me know how we can achieve this.

Thank you


  • ajarifoumaima
    edited February 2023


    This is the overall idea of the approach that I would follow :

    1- Create a line item subset list in my module and tick the line items reported (FY Q1, FY Q2, FY Q3.. etc.)

    2- Create a system module using the line item subset list and time to make the mappings between the FY Q1, FY Q2.. and the time dimension.

    3- Create a Filter module using users list to sync the selection with the columns of my reporting module.

    Hope this was helpful,