Ratio summary not working due to level missmatch

Hello, I have a module (655) that is using summary Ratio to work around the issue with child/parent relationships and getting information into one column.

I am trying to replicate that solution into another module (141) but it has an error message regarding dimension mismatch.

I am having a hard time understanding why is it working in the first module (655)that also has parent/child relationships in the line items used for summary Ratio.

Thank you.

Excel attachment shows blue prints.


  • @CommunityMember117943

    In module 141, are you trying to setup the ratio summary on the "Super Asset Values" and "Asset Values" line items? It looks like you have an extra dimension on that those line items that doesn't apply to your "Denominator" line item. It looks like "Total 2" is applied to Super Asset Values and Asset Values, but not Denominator. That's probably why you are getting the error message regarding the dimension mismatch.