Issues with time selector for NUX dashboard

edited February 2023 in User Experience


I can't figure out why the time selector keeps snapping to FY23 when I toggle on "sync on selection" and "sync with page" on card. I've gone through all other cards on my page and switched them all to FY24. Some will stay on FY24, others will revert to FY23 once I toggle on the sync selection options.



  • Hi @jzink1211,

    Its simply because when you toggle on "sync with page" few of your grids that were on 2023 force all grids to come on 2023 even when you selected 2024 for some grids. I would suggest to not use the setting from context options of card but from the top right corner of your dashboard to make everything sync. Keep it on selector, select 2024 and then toggle to off. Attaching snips for better understanding.



  • Hi Megha,

    Thank you for your feedback. The problem I'm finding is that my cards will not sync to FY24 even though my selector for the page is set to FY24. I want my end user to be able to select FY24 for the whole page so I need my cards to sync to page selection, but as I mentioned, turning on the syncing option snaps them to FY23.

  • @megha09 Figured out the issue with my colleague. The page selector was to set to only show FY23! Setting the page selector to only show FY24 solved my issue.