Hi I can't figure what's my error. I'm still in the Level 1 building lessons.

To be precise I'm learning how to import data into the modules. I'm especially finding it hard to import the employee data in the SYO8 Employee Details module.

Would you kindly point out my mistake?


  • It looks like you are trying to import a list into a system module. Got back and set up a module that will act in more a linear fashion. You can create system modules later once you have the foundation in place. Just think of the Anaplan Way mentality. As a rule of thumb, SYS modules are the glue that bind various different modules (creates relationships).

    If that is not the case, make sure that the dimensions of the list are configured correctly for import. The syntax error is saying that commission% is not in the list you created. If that is not it, ensure that the formatting in blueprint is accurate. Maybe even ignore that import and it go into a separate commissions list.

    Remember that Anaplan is an intuitive system but it needs everything to match up, which is why we tend to lock and encrypt the central repositories.

    Let me know if this help! Sorry, just got limited data here.

  • Hi Shawn!

    I actually figured out my problem. I had to import E2 Employees# from the Source "code". I figured out my mistake when I redid the whole process again step-by-step. The second mistake was that I hadn't mapped my time setting in the right format which I later realised and corrected.

    Nonetheless, thank you for your solution! I appreciate it.



  • Definitely! Been there - first time I built a model, I didn't create a Time Setting Module haha

    Glad you got it though. Good stuff!