Comparing values against the same dimension


Use case:

Prod A was sold for 100$ as part of Plan A, 120$ as part of Plan B and 150$ as part of Plan C, I need to determine the increase/decrease in price for each plan. How can this be achieved in Anaplan?


  • Can you give more context? What output value are you seeking (Boolean, percentage, IF/THEN/ELSE, comparative)? Also, what are you comparing against? Are you wanting a SYS module or to use a formula to have it on the same module as a line item?

    Normally, in FP&A, when we do increase/decrease, we measure against a reference or original data on a sheet as a percentage but once we have clarity, we can figure out how to resolve this.

  • The output is row marked as "Increase in Price", basically a number value which gives the difference in price between Plan A and Plan B, similarly difference in price between Plan B and Plan C. I am comparing the prices against different plans. Ideally a formula to have it in the same module as a line item but if that is not possible then a sys module should work.

  • Hi @Himaniam

    Please answer the following questions. I'll try to help you.

    • Are there two dimensions or only one?
    • Do you want to see the differences for only one product or do you have many products?
    • Are there only three Plans or more?



  • Hi @Himaniam

    I figured out a solution to your question.

    Here I am attaching Grid View and Blueprint View of the build that I made.

    I have developed the concept similar to offset anaplan functionality.

    Thanks & Regards

    Meda Ganesha Manikanta

    Matasma Digital Technologies