Clear Override value when the Override boolean is unchecked

Hello All,

I would like to clear the override line item based on whether the boolean value enabled or disabled. Please see screenshot attached for current & expected behavior

I have perused through the existing questions on this topic but couldnt really get the same problem statement.

Apologies if I missed it somewhere, if so would be nice if someone could direct me towards the thread


  • @Shashank123

    Use an IF THEN ELSE statement driven by the boolean to direct the final outcome.

    For example, IF the boolean = YES THEN override value ELSE Number source

    It is not possible to clear out the override value as this is a user input.

  • @Shashank123 think about using DCA so the override number is editable / readable if ticked and not if it isn't.

    Just pick the boolen line item from the drop-down in the override line item.

  • @Shashank123

    If you really want to clear the override value, you will have to use an action which really isn't a good thing. With that said, the formula would be:

    not override? and Number Override value <>0

    This will produce a boolean to use in the view for the action.

    But the real question is do you really need to clear the override value? And if you do, can you hide the action in a nightly process so it has very little impact on the end users?


  • thanks @andrewtye for the response.

    The DCA would serve my purpose in hiding the values when the Boolean is disabled. Will use this in my model.

    Thanks @rob_marshall !

    Yes, I would like to clear or not show ( as shown in above case ) the override value, when the boolean is disabled as this would avoid confusion among the users.

    Thanks Anaplan community all together for helping me out considering it was my first posted query ;)