I have a module dimensioned by Accounts on the rows, Users on the columns, and 1 Boolean line item which allows users to select certain accounts that apply only for that user.

I am trying to create an action that allows the user to clear all of their selection by simply clicking an action button, as opposed to have click on the column with their name and using the "Space bar". I tried using another Boolean line item with the same 2 dimensions, and formula as false - However, as I expected when I run it, it clears values for all users in the target module. Ideally I would like it to clear values only for the user running the action.

Anyone encountered something similar before? Thanks in advance!

Best Answer

  • andrewtye

    Hi @ROliveros

    Have an answer of sorts - change the "User List" setting in blueprint to off.

    This will then only show the current user on the module and when imported in will only overwrite that user. You might therefore want to have two modules. One for the blanking and the other for the filters so that if needed mass updates can still happen.

    Hope that helps.