Is there any way to make dates on go backwards on Grid Card?



I have a Grid Card that shows a 8-week lookback for Cost (i.e. If current week starts on 2/1, it will have 8 columns with each one going back 1 week, for a total of 8 weeks history).

That part is working but it shows the oldest week first. I would rather have it start on the Current Week and then go backwards in time, since the oldest weeks are the least relevant.

In example below, I want Feb 1 to come first, then Feb6, Jan 30, etc.

Appreciate any help. Thanks!


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  • AjayM
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    Exactly. I won't recommend manual input for sorting as it would need constant maintenance everytime the list gets udpated (or the 8 weeks update in case of real time dimension). And hence I proposed converting each list item into a numeric or week value - which you can use for sorting via action.

    Glad you are closer to achieving what you need.



  • Hi @DeepakK ,

    You would need a lineitem with time value in it, to help you sort the weeks using that lineitem. And then pivot and show/hide lineitems as per your need.

    Please note that since sorting is module/lineitem specific, we can't centralize sorting in a system module, if you need similar view for multiple grids.


  • @AjayM

    Thanks for the response. The issue I have is that I need this time sort across several modules. I'm providing Cost details across 5 levels of hierarchy in different grids.

    I actually created a custom time list that only has MM/DD format since that's what user wanted. Do you have any suggestions on how to sort that list across different modules?

    I'm thinking of making a list property where I manually enter a Sort order for each week. But how would I use that across modules?

  • AjayM
    edited February 2023

    Hi @DeepakK ,

    A couple of questions:

    1. Are you using custom time list only for this requirement?
    2. Do you need the sorted order in EVERY module that is dimensioned by this custom time list?

    If your answer is YES to both, then instead of a list property, you can create a SYS module for this custom list and add a lineitem to calculate corresponding numeric value or time period (week) value.

    And then create an 'order list' action using this lineitem. Running this action will sort the list items in your desired order (ascending or descending). A couple of points to note with this approach:

    1. Add this action to the process, that updates custom time list with new item every week
    2. This action sorts the list, and hence this sorted order reflects everywhere (context selector, line item selector, or any published module dimensioned by this list)

    In the other case, if you need the sorted order only in few modules, you might rather combine these two approaches: Calculate numeric or time period value in a SYS module for the custom list + Sort the published view using this value in each module (fetch this value into a lineitem), wherever required.

    [Update] Image updated with Value column formula


  • @AjayM

    Amazing! Thank you!

    I got halfway there because I made a system module and then a line Item for Time Sort. I entered in the Sort manually (1-8). Then I created a line item in every Details module to reference that "Time Sort."

    Finally, in each grid, I am able to use that Time Sort in the Details module to sort within the grid. I can show and Hide.

    But I will use that Action piece of your solution as well, since the weeks will be constantly updating.