I want 90 days trial workspace access


This is Yunus A. I have learned and certified Anaplan Level-1, Level-2 and Anaplan way. I am requesting here, Could you please give me a 90-days free trial workspace for me. Actually already I have used 1 time free trial workspaces. Now I want to learn at the next level of Anaplan certificate and get ready to attend the interview. And one more thing, I have to do sample projects in Anaplan.

Please let me know how to get free trail workspace after used 2 time 90 day's workspace for yunusfeb16@gmail.com


Yunus a


  • Hello Yunus,

    This is just the community forum, but I believe you should try to reach Anaplan through academy@anaplan.com

    Kind regards,


    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez