Boolean to Boolean / Date to Date import

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Friends, I am experiencing a very strange case where am importing a boolean lineitem (1 cell) to another boolean lineitem within the same module (1 cell), which has derives DCAs on other lineitems, but the boolean is not copied over (through import) in target line item; although the import process shows 1 updated.

Source and Target module.. import line item 1 into 2.

Actions config:

Execution result:

But no change in line-item: 2..

Can anyone give an insight as in what is happening?

Note: Same happening in case of Date lineitem import also!!


  • Hi CommunityMember126793,

    If the source and target module dimensioned by line item only, then it won't work, you have to add Dummy dimension in your module.

    I could see there is no dimension applied in your module which is creating the issue.

    You can create dummy list (placeholder list), apply to your module and then can try for this import action , it will work.

    Hope this helps!



  • @Arnab116 yes, i have figured out the same after few minutes post this question. But it is strange. Anaplan should fix it if it is a gap.

    Thanks a lot for the solution!! Appreciate it!