Need 90 days trial access

Need 90 days trial access for model building and practice


  • Hi Parikshit,

    Write an email to the Anaplan support team at [email protected] requesting that you need workspace access for practice purposes.

  • Hi Dear Members

    i am also facing to get 90 days free trail access, need workspace access to complete Certifications, any one here who can suggest why i am getting below email from Anaplan team , am i doing anything wrong or because i have completed Anaplan way and all other mentioned terms and conditions -

    • You are employed by a customer or partner. This program is for unaffiliated learners. Please contact your internal Anaplan team for access to the platform → I am not employed by a customer or partner , ai am an independent learner here
    • You have previously taken advantage of this → Never
    • Your account does not contain a full first and full last name.→ all are filled
    • You have applied to this program with multiple emails. →first time user
    • You have not completed -The Anaplan Way lessons. →completed
    • We have a limited capacity and are not able to satisfy all requests at this time. →is this every fresher facing this o=issue only me ?